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Coming into hospital for an operation

Patients having planned intermediate or major surgery will usually have this performed at the Churchill Hospital. Most patients will be asked to come to a pre-assessment visit when they will have routine pre-operative checks commonly involving blood tests, an ECG (heart tracing) and sometimes an X-ray of the chest. The range of tests will depend on your overall fitness and the planned type of surgery.

Patients are usually admitted on the morning of surgery. The surgeon will explain the operation again to you on the day of surgery, answer any questions and get your written consent. After surgery, you will usually go back to the Colorectal Ward which is on level 2 of Surgery and Diagnostics, within the Cancer Centre.

The Colorectal Ward comprises a mixture of four bedded bays and single rooms. Each bay is single sex. Where possible, we would try and accommodate requests for a single room but clinical priorities must take precedence.

Day surgery at the Horton Hospital will often require only telephone pre-assessment if you are reasonably fit. Patients will usually be asked to come to the day surgery ward either first thing in the morning or at lunchtime. The surgeon and anaesthetist will come and see you before surgery and the surgeon will see you afterwards. You will usually be allowed home three or four hours after your operation.

Coming into hospital for an operation